Aerovalley Technologies

Innovative Specialist Avionics and Component Manufacturing

Aerovalley Technologies was established in 1998 and specialises in the manufacturing and maintenance of aeronautical product and aircraft avionics installations.  We can design, prototype and manufacture mission equipment, aircraft avionic interface adaptors, consoles, racks, connectors, loom assemblies, light flow panels and aluminium aircraft components.

ADS-B  compliance dates are fast approaching!

By February 2016, all IFR aircraft must have GNSS navigation and by February 2017 must be ADS-B compliant .   Call us for a quote 08 8390 1222.

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Aerovalley Technologies supply audio systems, audio adaptors, power supplies, video amplifiers, racks, loom assemblies, light flow panels and aluminium aircraft components to Australia’s leading aviation companies.

What We Do

Aerovalley Technologies specialises in avionics installations  and maintenance.  In collaboration with our manufacturing workshop and supply partners we can custom design avionics suites to meet your requirements.