ASP-004-1 Audio Selector Panel

The ASP-004-1 Audio Selector Panel allows the integration of commercial and aircraft radio equipment into one aircraft audio system.

The ASP-004-1 has a single, 4 position, switch selectable, mic / audio / PTT for the transceiver in use. It also provides 4 switch selectable transceiver audio outputs, all passive resistively isolated from each other. This allows the user to monitor up to 4 transceivers audio comms simultaneously.

Each of the 4 audio output channels is resistively ‘summed’ together to present a single mixed audio output to the user. A standard set of ‘summing resistors’ is fitted to the unit. These may be adjusted during the installation to supply the correct resistive isolated audio level from the radios in the aircraft allowing a wide variety of units to be used, from standard VHF air radios through to CB UHF style units.

NOTE: The use of non-aircraft radios in the installation, will require the use of an AVT Commercial Radio Interface (CRI) to match the impedances of the commercial radio to that of an aircraft standard. The CRI also supplies the MIC bias required.

Download Installation Manual