What We Do


The Aerovalley Technologies workshop is fully equipped and CASA approved to manufacture a wide range of products . We have a team of aerospace industry specialists including experienced Design Engineers and a flexible and highly skilled workforce.  Some of our manufactured products include:

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Aircraft Installations

Aerovalley Technologies has a team of highly skilled and experienced technical staff, including Electrical, Radio and Instrument licensed LAMES with over 30 years experience in avionics.  We can custom design your avionics suite, fully refurbish interiors and support airframe and engine maintenance.  We can also provide project management services.

Maintenance is approved under CASA  CAR30 and CASR Part 145.See our certifications.

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Aeronautical Product Maintenance

Aerovalley Technologies can provide CASA approved maintenance for a wide range of aeronautical products including:

  • Light flow panels
  • Mechanical Landing Gear components
  • Sheet metal components
  • Milled aluminium components
  • Aircraft Radio Components
  • Aircraft Electrical Components
  • NiCd Batteries
  • Painting and application of protective coatings